Weather Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Climate

Local climate differences in the Dominican Republic weather are predictable in an island where the highest point is over 3, 000 meters or 9842.52 feet above sea level and the lowest is 40 meters or 131.234 feet below sea level.

Las Terrenas Republica Dominicana
Las Terrenas Dominican Republic Villa

The weather differences between the summer and winter seasons are not always consistent, visitors to the Dominican Republic can generally expect long periods of sunshine and blue skies, at any time of the year.

"Bavaro Coconut Coast"

Dominican Republic beach

The Dominican Republic has primarily a tropical climate, temperatures average from [ 73.4°f ] [ 23°C ] in the early morning to [ 89.1°F ] [ 31.7°C ] by mid afternoon.

In general, August is the hottest month, and January and February are the coldest ones.

We always provide current daily temperatures. For a 10 day Dominican Republic Weather forecast click below.

Rain Fall

Dominican Republic Rainbow Along the northern coast, the rainy season lasts from November through January.

May is the wettest month and March is the driest month.

The island can experience abnormal weather patterns - weeks without any rain at all however very heavy rain conditions can certainly occur in all areas of the Dominican Republic but the majority of this type of rainfall occurs in short bursts.

Coolest Temperature

The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas near Constanza, where temperatures have dropped to [ 32°F ] / [ 0°C ] and record highs have been registered at the frontier with Haiti, [ 102.2°F ] / [ 39°C ] in the summer.

The mountainous interior of the island is considerably cooler, and on the highest mountain peaks the thermometer can sometimes drop below freezing point.

On rare occasions frost can even be seen on the top of these peaks.

Dominican Republic Flower / Hurricane Season

The greatest threat to the Dominican Republic comes from hurricanes.

The Caribbean hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30.

August and September are the months when most hurricanes have hit.
D R usually gets plenty of warning before a hurricane makes landfall and with today's satellite forecast, people can prepare their trips with plenty of time.

Dominican Republic Garden

Hot Season

The hottest season is roughly from May to October. It does rain a bit more often during this season, especially from May to August, but usually this turns out to be no more than a 15 to 35 minute tropical shower. Occasionally it does rain heavy.

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