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The same Alter Ego Conditioner, this time called Garlic Mask, is now available with a pump dispenser! Good news because it keeps water and germs out of the conditioner when you use it in the shower so it won't get diluted, contaminated, or moldy. All conditioners should have a pump like this! (In the salon, many Dominican stylists use a spatula or a Let's look at two of the Alter Ego “drops” (lotions). These are to be applied in small quantities after shampooing and conditioning, massaged gently into the scalp, and left in the hair, not rinsed out.

Honestly, it's impossible to find out what exactly the differences are among these lotions.Alter Ego Energizing Lotion Alter Ego does not provide explicit guidelines for which one is for which type of hair with which type of problem, but instead uses vague adjectives like revitalizing, invigorating, energizing, nourishing, regenerating, stimulating, restorative, purifying, restructurizing, and so on. The only specific information offered is that the neQual Energizing Lotion and Curativ Cren are for fine and weak hair, and the Herb Ego Fresca is for limp and damaged hair. Nevertheless the reviews for all of them say that they stop hair loss and breakage and promote hair growth. Obviously results can vary from person to person, but the best way to choose among them is read the reviews of each one to find the one with the best reviews from people who have hair like yours with problems like yours.

Let's start with the neQual Intensive Energizing Hair Lotion... “The synergic action of the Herbal and Seaweed extracts in its formula helps rebalance and purify the scalp. The nourishing and energizing properties of its selected active principles Soya and Wheat Proteins help nourish the hair bulb and increase the oxygen intake.

Alter Ego Hair Lotions

Intensive treatment ideal for weak and fine hair. May cause skin redness.” Click here to read the directions and ingredients. Click here to read the reviews; here are some samples:
  • I went to a new Dominican hair stylist with my own supplies! ... Not forgetting my Alter Ego Energizing Intensive Hair Lotion for Hair Loss. I want to share with you that my hair is no longer shedding/ breaking at all!
  • My hair loss was so bad that I use to cry everytime I washed my hair or put my fingers through my dry hair... Since I started using this product, my excessive hair loss has practically stopped except for the strands that normally fall out when washing. I was buying this product from my hairdresser and it was expensive. Since I found it here at Amazon, I have been buying it here.
The Revitalizing Lotion is a “treatment that restructures the hair and revitalises the scalp. This lotion is an optimum natural energy restorative that feeds both the hair and the scalp, putting back mineral salts, protein and vitamins, thanks to the innovative use of seaweed extract and soy seeds.” It is used the same way as the Energizing Lotion and according to the reviews, achieves the same results:
Alter Ego IMPAC EGO Conditioner with Garlic 500ml Alter Ego Garlic Mask Alter Ego Garlic Shampoo Plus Vitamin A 1000ml Alter Ego Coconut Conditioning Mask
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