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Dominican women performers in Dominican Days parade in New York CityMusic and Literary Traditions

Family music making is an integral part of Dominican tradition. Moms encourage kids to play the island's three most popular instruments: a small tambora (drum); an accordion-like instrument known as a melodeon; and a güira, a type of percussion instrument originating with the island's earliest indigenous peoples, the Tainos. Women carry on dance traditions as well, performing the most popular dance, the merengue, at parties, social events and especially during the spring carnival. When it comes to literature, Dominican women are the guardians of a rich heritage of oral history. It has always fallen to island women to pass on folktales, legends, family histories and other cultural tales. Nineteenth-century Spanish colonizers introduced romantic European literature to the Dominican Republic, but since few women could read, these classic books were read aloud, becoming part of the society's oral tradition.

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