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How and when do I apply for financial aid?

Beginning in January, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (embed is available online. Ideally the FAFSA should be completed after you and your parents have each completed the federal income tax returns for the prior year because those figures are needed to answer items on the form. It is best to use the IRS Data Retrieval on the FAFSA to avoid mistakes. Retain a copy of both the parents’ and student’s tax returns for future reference. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for all federal programs, which include student loans. To be considered for state programs, please fill out the information needed by the

In order to complete the FAFSA online you will need a U.S. Department of Education Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you do not already have a PIN apply for one now. Parents of dependent students must apply for a PIN also. The PIN number serves as electronic signatures for the FAFSA.

How is financial need determined?

Each college or university develops an estimate of how much it will cost for you to attend school including tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, personal expenses, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. This is called your Cost of Attendance and it will vary from one institution to another. It also varies depending on whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate student.

To determine your financial need, your expected family contribution (EFC), which is calculated by submitting the FAFSA) is subtracted from the cost of attendance.

Your financial aid package:

Once we receive the results of your FAFSA we will create your financial aid package based on your financial need. You may receive some types of financial aid in excess of your need up to the Cost of Attendance.

A financial aid award letter outlining the financial aid included in your package will be prepared for you. This notice will include general information about each award offered and instructions for accepting and/rejecting awards. Some awards (e.g., Recommended Parent Plus loans (RPLUS) may require supplemental applications.

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