Dominican lottery winning numbers

Pedro Quezada, 45, purchased the winning ticket at Eagle Liquors store in Passaic.The classy ex-girlfriend of Pedro Quezada was overjoyed by the news that the New Jerseyan had struck it spectacularly rich this week with a stunning $338 million Powerball payoff — and she says no one is more worthy of the windfall than the man who once left her brokenhearted.

Juana Velen German — who dated Quezada for three years, beginning when they were about 17 — spoke for her entire community in the Dominican Republic when she praised his character, cheered his good fortune and hailed his humility.

“I felt very happy to see he won the lottery, ” said German, 44. “He had always been very humble. He deserves this blessing more than anyone. He is making everyone here very happy.”

And she added good-naturedly, “I just hope he doesn’t forget me at Christmas.”

'I just know he is a good person,' Pedro's niece Elaina Quezada, 26, told The News at the nail shop where she works. 'Good people get good things.'The now-45-year-old Quezada’s dream first surfaced long before he had a dollar for a lottery ticket.

As a child on the narrow streets of his Dominican hometown, the bright, young boy talked about coming to the Big Apple — and scoring the big bucks.

“He used to say, ‘I want to go to New York someday to help my family, ’ ” recalled Federico Colon, 65, who watched Quezada grow up in their town of Jarabacoa. “He wanted the American Dream.”

And so he journeyed to America, and it was a fateful exodus that German recalls to this day:

“When he left for the United States, I stayed behind brokenhearted, ” she said. “He would come back and we would see each other. But we lost touch over time. It was one of those young loves.”

Pedro Quezada holds up a promotional check during a news conference at the New Jersey Lottery headquarters on Tuesday in Lawrenceville, N.J.Quezada didn’t settle in the Big Apple. He only reached Passaic, N.J. — but that was close enough for the immigrant bodega owner to collect his miraculous payday.

His winning numbers reverberated from the exits along the Garden State Parkway to the corners of his old Caribbean neighborhood.

“When I saw him on TV with his wife, I felt very happy for him, ” German said. “He looked the same, only a little bigger now. He brought me back memories. I will always have good memories of him. I wish him and his children a lot of happiness.”

He lived in New Jersey, she moved to Santo Domingo, they each moved on with their lives, and though she says they would catch up every now and then, the romance had come to its natural end.

Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

Juana Velen German, former girlfriend of Pedro when he was a teenager, enjoyed his company whenever he would return to the Caribbean.

Teodora Quezada, 94, one of Pedro’s oldest relatives, has only seen him once since he left the island. The grandaunt worked as a cook for the U.S. Embassy in the 1950s in the capital city, Santo Domingo. She said she wanted to come to the United States, but her kids were too young, so she helped her younger sister, Josefina, leave instead.

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