Dominican Coat of Arms

Dominican ShieldThe Coat of Arms of the Dominican Republic is the symbol that alone or together with the flag represents a free, independent and sovereign state.

Since the beginning of the Republic it was written in the official documents issued in 1844 by the Junta Central Gubernativa, but it’s on the first Dominican Constitution, voted on November 6 of the same year in the city of San Cristobal, where for the first time there is an official version of the coat of arms. There have been nineteen versions of the shield up to the current one, established during the government of Dr. Adolfo A. Nouel in 1913.

Article 96 of our Constitution, or substantive letter, establishes that: “The Republic’s Coat of Arms shall have the same colors as the national flag, arranged in the same order. At the center it shall have the book of Gospels open with a cross on top, both emerging from a trophy composed of two lances and four national flags without a shield. On its left side, there should be a laurel bouquet (signifying immortality) and on the right side a palm branch (signifying freedom). The top should be crowned with a navy blue ribbon on which it ought to read the Trinitarian motto: “DIOS, PATRIA Y LIBERTAD” (God, Homeland and Freedom). At the base it must hold a scarlet red ribbon with the words: “REPUBLICA DOMINICANA” (Dominican Republic). The shape of the Coat of Arms shall be a rectangle with pointed upper corners, bottom corners rounded, the center of the base should also finish with a peak and it must be displayed in such way that if you trace a horizontal line joining the two vertical lines from the bottom of the rectangle, it should form a perfect square.

The Coat of Arms is positioned in the middle of the flag (Art.95 of the Constitution), on the presidential sash on the front of the kepi of the Armed Forces officers and National Police, and on official documents.

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